Thermopro tp-07 vs tp-11 Comparison - Which one to Select?

Thermopro tp-07 vs tp-11 Comparison - Which one to Select?

Thermopro thermometers developed by i-tronics are not only beautiful in design but also rich in features and they have no doubt defeated all other competitors because of low priced rich features enabled cooking thermometers.

As you may already have heard of Maverick cooking thermometers, now a days people are comparing thermopro thermometers with maverick thermometers. But if we look at the manufacturer profile then maverick seems to be very established manufacturer in cooking thermometers because of many years of cooking thermometers development experience.

If that is the case, then why people are comparing thermopro with maverick thermometers? Yes this is the most important and confusing question cooking thermometer’s customers search for solution of. Answer is so simple, although thermopro thermometers are new in market as compared to maverick thermometers, but thermopro has focused upon some the most important areas as follows:
  •          Low Priced Thermometers
  •          Rich in features thermometers
  •          Customer needs and requirements is the highest priority
  •          Easy replacement of faulty items
  •          Warranty provision and free item replacement policy
  •          Most active Customer Support.

Even if you purchase 10 dollars price of their thermometer which is very low priced item, their customer support serves you as a best customer as you are their 1000 dollars customer. And yes with the passage of time you will become their $1000 customer if they maintain this struggle and policy to win more and more customers hearts.

If you compare thermopro thermometers with other cooking thermometers available in the market then you will find thermopro thermometers very low priced. This is because of the thermopro intelligently built design quality. They have used most of the rubber material to design their thermometers but have not compromised upon features.

In other words thermopro thermometers seem to highly rich in features while very cheap in design. Yes, people take notice of everything. So, when customers feels about it’s durability then thermopro cover that point by providing thermometer warranty. So, if you have bought a $45 item which is 15-20 dollars low priced as compared to other thermometers available in the market and you receive 4 years of warranty with this low priced thermometer, is there any need to buy high priced thermometer with same features?

Beside this thermopro customer support is highly active customer support on the planet. If you need proof then head over to amazon and read some of the customer feedback especially for item replacement. Many verified customers had appreciated not only the customer support team but have also admired that how fast they are to accept and process warranty claims.

Thermopro TP11 vs TP07

One of the best thing about thermopro thermometers is that they are various in models and each model has one or two extended features as compared to it’s closely related thermometer. This factor is directly proportional to price as well.

Try to understand that why thermopro thermometers are various in models. Because each thermometer has been designed according to your needs and budget as well.

For Example:

In Thermopro tp08vs tp20 comparison, we can find only minor differences between both of these best selling cooking thermometers. As there are minor features differences between both thermometers that’s why there is also price variation as well.

Difference of Thermopro TP11 From TP07

Have you checked the price of both? Both of these have very little price difference. It means both thermometers are closely related but with one or two features differences as well.

The main difference between thermopro tp07 and tp11 is because of their synchronization process, messy set up process difference and variation in design as well.

Differences Between Thermopro TP11 vs TP07

  • Thermopro tp07 comes with pre-synced transmitter and receiver while TP11 thermometer requires synchronization or pairing of transmitter and receiver.
  • Thermopro tp07 set up is hassle free because of pre-synched transmitter and receiver while thermopro tp11 is not pre-synched so it’s set up seems to be messy.
  • There is a significant design and color difference in between both of these cooking thermometers. But thermopro tp11 design seems to be more appealing as compared to tp07.  

Similarities between Thermopro TP11 vs TP07

  •         Both the thermometers have:
  •         Remote functionality
  •         Wireless Functionality
  •         300 feet remote range
  •         USDA approve doneness levels temperatures
  •         Both are digital thermometers
  •         Both can be used for smoker, oven, grill and BBQ
  •         Both are single probe meat thermometers

Final Thoughts

Thermopro tp11 and thermopro tp07 both are hot selling meat food cooking remote thermometers and there are some design differences and also synchronization differences which also affect price factor as well. Thermopro TP07 is bit of high priced thermometer as compared to thermopro tp11thermometer. Both perform well for what they have been made. Thermopro tp07 has 4 years of warranty while thermopro tp11 only has probe warranty but not the thermometer warranty.

So, if you like to configure the things and synchronization doesn’t seem to be a hurdle for you then you should have to save some bucks by trying thermopro tp11 thermometer. TP11 is also beautiful looking thermometer as well. But if you want hassle free set up and pre-synchronized cooking thermometer then thermopro tp07 is best suited cooking thermometer for you to select.

Check Thermopro TP07 On AMAZON

Check Thermopro TP11 on AMAZON

Thermopro tp-07 vs tp-11 Comparison - Which one to Select?

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Important Questions Regarding food thermometer

Calibrate thermopro thermometer

One of the biggest confusion among thermopro thermometer users is the calibration process. If you are among those who are searching for how to calibrate thermopro thermometer, then you can read our post about Thermopro thermometer detailed calibration process of a meat food thermometer with step by step video detail.

How to use thermopro thermometer

This is a common question people ask on daily basis that how to use thermopro thermometer. If you are new to thermopro thermometers then here is a good news for you, Thermopro thermometers comes with pre-synced transmitter and receiver. You don’t have to synchronize them. Beside this, thermopro thermometers are user friendly and they are easy to use. You just have to take them out from box, put batteries in and both transmitter and receiver will start working right away. Thermopro thermometers have easy to use interface with LCD display.

Thermopro thermometer review

Thermopro thermometers are one of the best cooking meat food digital thermometers available in the market. Because these thermometers are closely related in terms of features, functionalities and prices so there is a need to clarify each thermometer in terms of their reviews. We have created some reviews of thermopro thermometers to target this situation and have also created some comparison posts to clear their differences as well.
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Thermopro thermometer lll

If you get lll or LLL error as a reading on your thermopro thermometer then you should push probe wires into unit harder. That’s usually the problem. They are tight fit.

Thermopro thermometer Instructions

Thermopro thermometers are not complex in design and usage. You can just take out transmitter and receiver from the box, insert batteries in transmitter and receiver and your thermometer will start working right away. Beside this you will also get manual in the box and instructions are also mentioned there as well. You can also search it on youtube where many thermopro customers have shared their experiences and proper usage instructions of thermopro thermometers.

Thermopro thermometer Canada

If you are searching thermopro thermometer in Canada then you can buy it from a trusted and huge marketplace named as AMAZON. Yes you can buy thermopro thermometers from website. Although, there are other options as well but we highly suggest to buy from amazon because of their easy return and quick delivery process.

Thermopro thermometer Manual

Product manuals are very important to read whether it’s thermopro products or any other. Product manuals contain many useful information including proper use of the product, important precautions to follow, product warranty, customer support info and many other important things worth reading.

Here is a detailed article and collection of thermopro thermometer manuals.

Thermopro thermometer Comparison

Thermopro has developed its thermometers in a way that it become very tough for a new user to decide which thermometer is best suited for him/her. To target this situation, we have created a series of articles to clear customer confusion by creating a series of thermopro thermometer comparison posts. Some of the thermopro thermometer comparison posts are as follows:

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Thermopro thermometer tp20

Thermopro tp20 is one of the best selling thermopro thermometer. It has almost all the advanced features including wireless, remote and dual probe functionality. Thermopro tp20 is one of the most selling meat food remote wireless digital thermometer. It has very strong customers feedbacks.

In order to read a detailed review about thermopro tp20 meat food wireless remote thermometer, please follow the link given below:

Thermopro tp20 review.

Thermopro meat thermometer

Thermopro meat thermometers are very famous in the market. Thermopro has developed a range of meat thermometers with minor functionality differences. Almost every person can find a thermopro meat thermometer according to his needs, requirements and budget as well. Some of the best selling thermopro thermometers includes thermopro tp20, thermopro tp08, thermopro tp07, thermopro tp03A.

Thermopro warranty


provides 1 year warranty on it’s thermometers. But after purchase if you register your thermometer to them then they extend warranty to 3 years. You get 3 years of warranty on your thermopro thermometer. Isn’t it a good deal?

Thermopro thermometer website is the official website/distributor now for thermopro thermometers.

What is a best food thermometer?

It depends upon your requirement. There are several food thermometers available in the market including Thermopro thermometers, Maverick thermometers, CAPPEC Food Thermometers, Habor food thermometers and some other available in the market. So, it’s totally depends upon your requirements that for what purpose and event you want to buy food thermometer. Beside this, it’s also depends that you are beginner in usage of these thermometers or professional. If you are beginner then you can go with thermopro tp20, thermopro tp08 and thermopro tp07 which are easy to use and already synced settings and also have hassle-free set up.

What meat thermometer to buy?

If you are starter in cooking or using these food thermometers then start using these thermometers with low priced thermometers then you can buy any expensive meat thermometer when you have basic usage and understanding about those best food thermometers.

You can find lowest priced meat thermometers by following this link: Lowest Priced Meat Thermometers.

What meat thermometer can go in oven?

There are not one but several meat thermometers available which are oven proof and we can use them safely in oven. Please follow this link to see a list of inexpensive Over Proof Thermometers.

What is the best meat thermometer?

There are several available in the market and my suggestion is that you should have to select meat thermometer according to your needs, requirements and available budget. Beside this it also depends upon type of event or usage scenario of the thermometer as well. There are several best-selling lowest priced meat thermometers ranging from few dollars price to bit expensive few hundred dollar price meat thermometers available in the market.So it’s up to you to make a wise decision while buying any meat thermometer.

What are types of food thermometers?

Although there are several types of food thermometers but we can classify them into the following main categories:
Digital Thermometers: Thermocouple, Thermistor, Oven cord thermometer, Thermometer Fork Combination.

Dial Thermometers: Oven-Safe Bimetal, Instant Read Bimetal,

Other: Single use temperature indicator, Liquid Filled

In order to read detailed post about types of food thermometer, please follow the link given below:

Types of food thermometers

What is a digital thermometer?

A digital thermometer is a thermometer which is used to take oral temperature. You can see the temperature in numbers by holding this small hand-held device. There are also many kinds of digital thermometers available in the market and you can see the temperature in number form on these thermometers.

What is a wireless thermometer?

Wireless food thermometer is a thermometer through which you can monitor your cooking remotely by setting temperature condition on that thermometer. When meat temperature reaches to that level then thermometers alarms turned on and in this way you save your food from over or under cooked.

What is a Remote meat thermometer?

Remote means also remotely monitoring your food while you have to mingle with your family or friends, food thermometer will take care of your food remotely. Thermopro thermometers range is 3oo feet so you can monitor your cooking from 300 feet away.

What is an Instant Read Thermometer?

You can take it’s meaning from it’s name as it’s instant read thermometer. Instant read meat thermometers gives you temperature results instantly or very quickly that’s why they have been named as instant read meat thermometers.

What kinds of thermometers are used in food industry?

There are many thermometers used in the food industry including Digital food meat thermometers, Dial thermometers and some other mentioned above.

What is a kitchen thermometer?

Kitchen thermometer is basically meat food thermometer which you can use in your kitchen easily that’s why some people has confused this term of kitchen thermometer. Although, there may be a significance difference between open door BBQ thermometer and kitchen thermometer but in most of the cases we can use single thermometer on both places i.e in outdoors and in kitchen as well.