Thermopro tp20 vs tp08 Comparison – Which one is Best?

Thermopro tp20 vs tp08 Comparison – Which one is Best?

Thermopro tp20 vs tp08 both are long range dual probe BBQ smoker meat thermometers with bit of design difference. Both digital wireless thermometers are good at working and functioning but with minor differences.

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thermopro tp20 vs tp08 food thermometer

Similarities in Thermopro tp20 VS thermopro tp08:

Similarities in thermopro tp20 vs tp08 meatthermometers

Both the wireless food meat thermometers have
  • Wireless functionality.
  • Remote functionality.
  • Digital functionality.
  • Cooking meat, food, Grilling, Smoker, BBQ etc.
  • Dual Probe with Life-time Sensor Probe warranty.
  • Hassle Free Set up, No synchronization required.

Differences in Thermopro tp20 VS thermopro tp08:

Differences in thermopro tp20 vs tp08meatthermometers

  • The TP20 has a few more gadgets. Preloaded meat cooking temps etc
  • Thermopro tp20 has meat presets.
  • TP20 meat thermometer has high-temperature alarms.
  • TP08 has low temperature alarms.
  • TP08 is best for smoking because of low temperature alarms
  • TP20 is not much suited for smoking because of high temperature alarms
  • With Charcoal tp08 low-temperature alarms could be a real benefit.
  • TP20 is #1Bestseller Item while TP08 is not yet #1Bestseller Item at the time of writing.

Usability Differences:

Usability Differences between thermopro tp20 vs tp08meatthermometers

In terms of usability
  • TP-20 has up and down buttons for temperature settings.
  • The TP-08 only goes up. When increasing quickly, the manual says it goes up by 10 degrees/second. And the temperature ranges go up past 500F. So if you were trying to set an alarm for 180F, and you accidentally went to 182F, you'd have to go up beyond 500, to get back below 180. Or if you need a lower set point during your next cook, you'd have to go over 500 and around again. Just something worth being aware of. 

There is also a significant price difference in both wireless food thermometers. Although, Thermopro tp20 food thermometer’s price is high as compared to tp08 but amazon also offers sale and discounts on occasional basis so you can keep eye on prices to have a best low priced time to save some bucks as well.
Beside of price factor, if we put a glance over the customer satisfaction and feedback ratio then tp20 has performed very well as compared to tp08 and sale of tp20 is higher that has made tp20 thermometer as a #1Bestseller product on Amazon.

Regarding customer satisfaction point of view, Thermopro Company provides more satisfaction for their tp20 meat food BBQ thermometer and tp08 digital wireless thermometer by providing Lifetime sensor probe warranty.  

Because of lot of customers were complaining about the failure of sensor probe and Thermopro has overcome this issue by providing Life time sensor probe warranty.
Beside this, another issue which the thermopro thermometers users complained about the most is that the Thermopro thermometers did not work after using one time or five times or after six months etc. Although, this is very serious issue but other customers also have mentioned about the long time usage of these thermopro thermometers by using them with care and by following company’s manual which customers received with their purchased item.
So, we can’t put every blame on the company manufacturing the products but we also have to maintain our products to make them usable for a long time.
I also have read some customers feedback and they have mentioned that they don’t want to read product manuals as they don’t like that process blah blah blah. But the question is, If we have such kind of nature then how can we blame the company about the durability of their products?

Thermopro tp20 vs tp08:

Major Differences between thermopro tp20 vs tp08meatthermometers

Major Differences in Thermopro tp20 & tp08:

The TP20 has a few more gadgets. Preloaded meat cooking temps etc
The TP08 has less gadgets as compared to tp20.
Thermopro tp20 has more meat presets.

TP20 meat thermometer has high-temperature alarms.
TP08 has low temperature alarms.
TP20 is not much suited for smoking because of high temperature alarms.
TP08 is best for smoking because of low temperature alarms
It has high-temperature alarms
With Charcoal tp08 low-temperature alarms could be a real benefit.
#1 Bestseller in Grill thermometers

Although both items have pros and cons but the main thing in both of them is their user or customers satisfaction and thermopro tp20 thermometer seems to be stable regarding several complains which customers have about food BBQ meat digital wireless thermometers.
Beside this, one thing I have noticed about Thermopro Company is that, Thermopro is not only manufacturing top best food thermometers but is also testing the user experiences, solving the customer’s problems and improving their products accordingly.
One example I would like to mention here is the probe warranty provided by Thermopro. As lot of customers complained about the thermometer probe and Thermopro has solved this issue by providing lifetime warranty of probe which has increased the customer’s satisfaction level up to maximum. 


According to my analysis, if we compare Thermopro tp-20 with Thermopro tp-08, then thermopro tp-20 wins the competition because of these main factors:
  •          #1 Bestseller Product means lot of people have great experience with this product.
  •          The TP20 has a few more gadgets. Preloaded meat cooking temps etc
  •          Thermopro tp20 has more meat presets.

Personal Advice

personal advices to select from thermopro tp20 vs tp08 meat thermometer

Most important factor in decision making process when you have options to choose then you have to select item depending upon your requirement. So, If you are seeking for Low temperature smoking thermopro thermometer then tp08 is best suited for you. But if you are seeking for high temperature Alarm’s thermometer then tp20 would be best suited thermometer for you. Beside this, tp-20 also wins in usability scenario as well.

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Important Questions Regarding food thermometer

What is a best food thermometer?

It depends upon your requirement. There are several food thermometers available in the market including Thermopro thermometers, Maverick thermometers, CAPPEC Food Thermometers, Habor food thermometers and some other available in the market. So, it’s totally depends upon your requirements that for what purpose and event you want to buy food thermometer. Beside this, it’s also depends that you are beginner in usage of these thermometers or professional. If you are beginner then you can go with thermopro tp20, thermopro tp08 and thermopro tp07 which are easy to use and already synced settings and also have hassle-free set up.

What meat thermometer to buy?

If you are starter in cooking or using these food thermometers then start using these thermometers with low priced thermometers then you can buy any expensive meat thermometer when you have basic usage and understanding about those best food thermometers.

You can find lowest priced meat thermometers by following this link: Lowest Priced Meat Thermometers.

What meat thermometer can go in oven?

There are not one but several meat thermometers available which are oven proof and we can use them safely in oven. Please follow this link to see a list of inexpensive Over Proof Thermometers.

What is the best meat thermometer?

There are several available in the market and my suggestion is that you have to select meat thermometer according to your needs and available budget. Beside this it also depends upon type of event or usage scenario of the thermometer as well. There are several best-selling lowest priced meat thermometers ranging from few dollars price to bit expensive few hundred dollar price meat thermometers available in the market.So it’s up to you to make a wise decision while buying any meat thermometer.

What are types of food thermometers?

Although there are several types of food thermometers but we can classify them into the following main categories:
Digital Thermometers: Thermocouple, Thermistor, Oven cord thermometer, Thermometer Fork Combination.

Dial Thermometers: Oven-Safe Bimetal, Instant Read Bimetal,

Other: Single use temperature indicator, Liquid Filled

In order to read detailed post about types of food thermometer, please follow the link given below:

Types of food thermometers

What is a digital thermometer?

A digital thermometer is a thermometer which is used to take oral temperature. You can see the temperature in numbers by holding this small hand-held device. There are also many kinds of digital thermometers available in the market and you can see the temperature in number form on these thermometers.

What is a wireless thermometer?

Wireless food thermometer is a thermometer through which you can monitor your cooking remotely by setting temperature condition on that thermometer. When meat temperature reaches to that level then thermometers alarms turned on and in this way you save your food from over or under cooked.

What is a Remote meat thermometer?

Remote means also remotely monitoring your food while you have to mingle with your family or friends, food thermometer will take care of your food remotely. Thermopro thermometers range is 3oo feet so you can monitor your cooking from 300 feet away.

What is an Instant Read Thermometer?

You can take it’s meaning from it’s name as it’s instant read thermometer. Instant read meat thermometers gives you temperature results instantly or very quickly that’s why they have been named as instant read meat thermometers.

What kinds of thermometers are used in food industry?

There are many thermometers used in the food industry including Digital food meat thermometers, Dial thermometers and some other mentioned above.

What is a kitchen thermometer?

Kitchen thermometer is basically meat food thermometer which you can use in your kitchen easily that’s why some people has confused this term of kitchen thermometer. Although, there may be a significance difference between open door BBQ thermometer and kitchen thermometer but in most of the cases we can use single thermometer on both places i.e in outdoors and in kitchen as well.